Beyonce FINALLY pregnant!

Congratulations Beyonce!

After many years of rumors and speculation Beyonce and Jay-Z  are finally pregnant. It seems as if the WORLD were waiting on these two to conceive and that day has come. The news became official at the MTV VMA award show where she showed off her baby bump on the red carpet. It seems as though fans and celebs really began to go wild when Beyonce rubbed her pregnant belly as confirmation of the pregnancy after her performance on award show. Beyonce previously stated that she would have her first child before she turned 30 years old and her 30th birthday is on September 4th. Family members and close friends say that Beyonce will make the perfect mother because it comes natural to her. I just want to know who will get those SUPER exclusive pictures of their child first? Lol


Secret & Hidden Treasures

Secret & Hidden Treasures

Founded in 1995 Secret & Hidden Treasures is a company that handcrafts one of a kind custom made pieces of jewelry. Whether you need that one special piece to accentuate the perfect outfit or just something for everyday wear that expresses your personality Hidden Treasures is just the right company that can make that happen. Also if you don’t want to get rid of that favorite piece of broken jewelry that you already have, they can fix that to! They specialize in restoration with a stylish one a kind design. Here are a few pieces.


Kim Kardashian Wedding.. Real love or Real GOOD Publicity?

Real or fake? And I’m not talking about the booty

There is always much speculation going on about Kim Kardashian and her voluptuous back side, but this time it’s about if her new found love is true. Kim is all set to marry professional basketball player Kris Humphries this upcoming Saturday. While other people receive a congratulation, Kim is receiving the side eye from many folks. Why you say? Well, because of her previous dating record and the fact that people believe she is rocking the same “engagement” ring from 2009 when she was with Reggie Bush. Many feel that since she couldn’t snag Reggie she had to take what she could get and she had her own ring ready to. Just because she supplied her own ring doesn’t mean the engagement was fake right???  Does it really matter anyway? Because real or fake the engagement has been keeping her in the news just people people say she wanted it to. I mean it worked for Khloe….

Single Ladies and Basketball Wives…Episodes whatever


Single Ladies

So I don’t know where to start first with the episode of Single Ladies that aired two days ago (sorry I had school work). I knew that something fishy was going on with Malcolm, he just seemed so secretive and suspect to me. The way that his ex-wife Ashley showed up to his house on last week’s episode proved to me that something was going with her, and then she had the nerve to tell Keisha that she didn’t have to relay any messages because he would hear what she had to say on his voice mail. I wanted Keisha to pop her in the mouth but she handled it the “classy” way I guess. I wonder if she is going to help bring Malcolm down? Dun dun dun…….On to April. I am SO glad that this divorce situation is going to be over with between her and Daryal because his acting is already terrible, and his attitude on the show was worse than that. I really don’t know what to think about this Reed character -side eye- April just needs to keep her guard up…..I mean he already had sex with the DJ while he was sending her mixed messages……Val seems to have gotten herself in a sticky situation. I always thought that Jerry was going to go back on his word about him not wanting to get married…….Val should NOT have went to the door in a sheet and she most DEFINITELY needs to tell Quinn NO regarding his proposal. I want to see how this situation is going to play out since Jerry is Quinn’s boss….

Will Keisha help bring Malcolm down?

Who will Val choose? (If she still does have on considering Jerry might bail)

Basketball Wives

Of course you guys knew that I was going to start with Eric throwing the drink in Jennifer’s face 🙂

Even though she threw a drink at him first, I don’t think there is a justification for him throwing a damn drink in her FACE. Wow, very MANLY Eric. I think he is just hurt because Jennifer is really done with his ass, he does need to keep it moving. First he said she had a dream team of lawyers and now he’s saying that he doesn’t know who her lawyer is. I smell bullsh**. Personally I wouldn’t have had a divorce party but whatever floats her boat to get over his ugly ass. I would comment on Shaunie but I love how nothing negative is associated with her. 🙂 Good job ;)…Moving on to Evelyn….Chad tried her ass and she was on his head. What he was saying made no sense whatsoever. So he has to be dead just because he can’t associate with people that he had sex with that doesn’t know or hasn’t been introduced to his fiancée, hmmmm. Really don’t have too much to say about that relationship because I only know what I see soooo……Nothing really popped off with the other girls on the finale but I wonder if it’s going to come up on the reunion about Tami really saying does Meeka want to be down with the real side or the fake side.

Will Evelyn and Chad’s engagement make it to next season?

Is Meeka coming back and does she talk to much?

Will Jennifer’s divorce FINALLY be finalized? Lol

Only next season will give us these answers but what are your thoughts on the finale and the season of both shows?

And remember folks Nicole loves you.