T.I. is Home!! Well sort of.. UPDATE

The King Home?


Just when we thought jail time was over for T.I. he is back in federal prison only ONE DAY after his release. Prison officials are saying that T.I. mislead them into believing that he would be leaving the prison and transported to the half way house in a van, not a party bus. He now sits in federal custody in Atlanta waiting for the issue to be resolved. Damn.

Southern rapper T.I. was released from Forest City low security prison one month early yesterday to a halfway house after serving 11 months of his sentence for violating his probation on drug charges stemming from early 2011. When the news was first released, T.I.’s lawyers said that it was not true and that he would be released on the date expected. Later on that day there was confirmation from T.I. himself that he was finally out of the clinger via twitter. The rapper will be getting straight to work upon his release, filming a TV show for VH1 titled “T.I.’s Journey Home from Jail” and also finalizing a book deal. Glad to see you home T.I. just make sure you don’t go on Tiny’s behalf AGAIN. 😉


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