Jay-Z bring the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Nets

Major Hip Hop mogul and rapper Jay-Z made an announcement today (Sept. 26th) via Good Morning New York that the New Jersey Nets will now be called the Brooklyn Nets. Along with the new name will be new team colors and also a new Barclay’s Center set to open in September 2012, that will house the Nets. Refusing to disclose more information about the new venture, Jay-Z did reveal that he would like to christen the grand opening of the center with a few concerts. There are no dates set in stone for those performances. For marketing of the new team, Jay-Z and the other owners of the team have decided to to use billboards along with other placement ads, as well as distributing 250,000 coffee cups to local stores.


Help Troy Davis!! Spread theWord!

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Troy Davis is an African American man that was convicted 22 years ago of killing an off-duty police officer. He will be executed TODAY because of a failed bid for clemency on Sept. 19th 2011. The Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles ruled against Davis for the shooting of Mark McPhail, who was white. The case previously received high profile supporters like former U.S. president Jimmy Carter and even Pope Benedict XVI. The case is controversial because there was no physical evidence tying Davis to crime, and witnesses at his trial recanted their story. Race is definitely being looked at as a factor in the decision of that the board made. To try and stop Davis’ execution call judge Penny Freesemann at 912-652-7252 or district attorney Larry Chisolm at 912-652-7308

Mayweather Remains Undefeated with Controversial Win!

Cheap shot? I think not.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. remains undefeated with a record of 42-0 and is the new welterweight WBC Champion of the world. Mayweather’s victory comes after he knocked out opponent Victor Ortiz in the fourth round. While the two were sparring, in the midst of the ducking and swaying done by Mayweather, Ortiz proceeded to headbutt him. The referee, Cortez, quickly separated the two and deducted a point from Ortiz. Ortiz apologized to Mayweather after the dirty move (why I don’t know) because the move was very deliberate. The two were bought back to the center of the ring to touch gloves, Ortiz went in for an apologetic embrace and Mayweather saw an open opportunity to hit Ortiz. Twice. Once with a left hook and again with a hard straight right. The hits were controversial because some fans are saying Ortiz wasn’t ready. Ortiz violated the number one rule of boxing “protect yourself at all times”.  And after such a dirty move, why would he even expect nice from Mayweather in the first place? Cortez counted Ortiz out and it was over. Proving even further that the move was legal by Mayweather, otherwise there would have been no count out. I believe the hit was only controversial because some are saying that it was done in bad taste, but so was the headbutt. Keep your eyes on the prize next time Ortiz and keep those hands up.

Big Sean, Big Trouble (Sexual Abuse)

Detroit rapper Michael Anderson, aka  Big Sean attended court yesterday (September 6th) along with a friend Willie Hansbro to face charges that they sexually molested a fan. Anderson was arrested on August 4th in Lewiston, New York along with his associate related to these charges. After appearing in court, Anderson and his friend were charged with three offenses which are third-degree sexual abuse, forcible touching, and second-degree unlawful imprisonment. Both guys were released on a $500 bail. According to sources, both men are due back in court October 11th and could possibly face a grand jury. Daaammmn, the so called rumor was true after all.

Hawthorne…cancelled? Uh oh Jada…

TNT doesn’t Order 4th Season of Hawthorne

Well folks I kind of saw this one coming. After three successful seasons on TNT, the network has decided not to sign on Hawthorne for a fourth one. Now with the show being successful and lasting three seasons, why did TNT decide not to pick the show back up? No one knows and TNT didn’t really elaborate on the reason why. Rumor has it  that Mrs. Jada Pinkett Smith had to to leave the show behind if she wanted to keep her marriage intact with her very famous hubby Will Smith. The friction between the two supposedly started after Will accused her of having an affair with co-star Marc Anthony. Marc Anthony and the couple themselves have all denied the rumors. Now that the show has been cancelled it has started to make me wonder. I mean I did hear that Will had a lot of pull with the show..hmmm

T.I. is Home!! Well sort of.. UPDATE

The King Home?


Just when we thought jail time was over for T.I. he is back in federal prison only ONE DAY after his release. Prison officials are saying that T.I. mislead them into believing that he would be leaving the prison and transported to the half way house in a van, not a party bus. He now sits in federal custody in Atlanta waiting for the issue to be resolved. Damn.

Southern rapper T.I. was released from Forest City low security prison one month early yesterday to a halfway house after serving 11 months of his sentence for violating his probation on drug charges stemming from early 2011. When the news was first released, T.I.’s lawyers said that it was not true and that he would be released on the date expected. Later on that day there was confirmation from T.I. himself that he was finally out of the clinger via twitter. The rapper will be getting straight to work upon his release, filming a TV show for VH1 titled “T.I.’s Journey Home from Jail” and also finalizing a book deal. Glad to see you home T.I. just make sure you don’t go on Tiny’s behalf AGAIN. 😉

Beyonce FINALLY pregnant!

Congratulations Beyonce!

After many years of rumors and speculation Beyonce and Jay-Z  are finally pregnant. It seems as if the WORLD were waiting on these two to conceive and that day has come. The news became official at the MTV VMA award show where she showed off her baby bump on the red carpet. It seems as though fans and celebs really began to go wild when Beyonce rubbed her pregnant belly as confirmation of the pregnancy after her performance on award show. Beyonce previously stated that she would have her first child before she turned 30 years old and her 30th birthday is on September 4th. Family members and close friends say that Beyonce will make the perfect mother because it comes natural to her. I just want to know who will get those SUPER exclusive pictures of their child first? Lol

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