Mayweather Remains Undefeated with Controversial Win!

Cheap shot? I think not.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. remains undefeated with a record of 42-0 and is the new welterweight WBC Champion of the world. Mayweather’s victory comes after he knocked out opponent Victor Ortiz in the fourth round. While the two were sparring, in the midst of the ducking and swaying done by Mayweather, Ortiz proceeded to headbutt him. The referee, Cortez, quickly separated the two and deducted a point from Ortiz. Ortiz apologized to Mayweather after the dirty move (why I don’t know) because the move was very deliberate. The two were bought back to the center of the ring to touch gloves, Ortiz went in for an apologetic embrace and Mayweather saw an open opportunity to hit Ortiz. Twice. Once with a left hook and again with a hard straight right. The hits were controversial because some fans are saying Ortiz wasn’t ready. Ortiz violated the number one rule of boxing “protect yourself at all times”.  And after such a dirty move, why would he even expect nice from Mayweather in the first place? Cortez counted Ortiz out and it was over. Proving even further that the move was legal by Mayweather, otherwise there would have been no count out. I believe the hit was only controversial because some are saying that it was done in bad taste, but so was the headbutt. Keep your eyes on the prize next time Ortiz and keep those hands up.